Hearing Loss


What to expect when trying an aid for the first time

If the fitting is done correctly - expect pure joy - its great you hear better. Naturally later you start to notice minor issues - but generally the feeling should be great. The hearing aids today have all sorts of settings to maximise comfort and clarity. You go to a restaurant and can converse without trying to guess what people are saying. You will have more energy because less effort is required to conduct normal conversation.

Is a hearing check the same as a full test

Hearing checks or screenings are not a full diagnostic test. These are sometimes used as a way to gain new clients for hearing centres. I am not in favour of them because as humans we often feel obligated after an initial contact. I would not use any centre that could not tell me the prices of aids upfront prior to any test.
Audiologists like to use their own calibrated equipment so a test done elsewhere is not as good as a test by an audiologist who will fit you.

Wearing Glasses with Hearing Aids

If you wear glasses and hearing aids it can actually be a benefit to wear behind the ear hearing aids that match the colour of your glasses.
The colour of the frame can match or blend in with the aids - in fact I have had people that have known me for years and never even knew I wore hearing aids. Maybe they need glasses!

Tip when upgrading your glasses make sure you test the frames with your hearing aids - sometimes they can be annoying depending on where they sit and interfere with the aids.

Occlusion when wearing in the ear hearing aids

With some of the in the ear or invisible in the ear hearing aids that fit deep in the ear canal wearers do not enjoy the sound of their own voice. It can be irritating and often leads to not wanting to wear the aid.
Clearly hearing aids sitting in your top draw are no use.

Hearing aid trials are offered by audiologists we recommend - some clients will trial multiple aids or different brands.

Do I have to wear my aids all the time?

Many audiologists will recommend you wear the aids full time - however personally I wear mine when I feel like it - which usually is when I am around people.

Are all audiologists or hearing centres the same?

No - some seem to be able to understand clients better and get better results. How do we know that? Well we talk to people refer them to audiologists and get feedback as to how the outcome is.
Some centres are marketing driven and/or are quite inflexible on prices and brands offered.
You may have a loved one who is interstate - without a knowledge of hearing aids and providers how do you know if they are getting the best care.