Who Has Hearing Loss

Who Has Hearing Loss

One study in United States showed some alarming trends in Hearing Loss - with a growth of younger people suffering hearing loss earlier.

Age Factors

People aged 65 years and older are more likely to suffer a hearing loss compared to the general poplulation.

Men are more likely to suffer hearing loss

Approximately 60% of people with hearing loss are men. Men of all ages are more likely than women to suffer a hearlng loss.

People with Hearing Loss Retire Earlier

This statistic may be sobbering for some of us - we may be losing years of income due to a hearing loss.

"Among people age 51 to 61, about 18 percent of those with hearing loss are completely retired, compared to just 12 percent of those who do not have a hearing loss". (Based on a 1994 study)


Environmental Noise a Factor

Younger people are suffering hearlng loss earlier largely due to environmental noise.